Did you know that the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, until then an unknown senator, used Inbound Marketing as a strategy? Your entire campaign was done through content marketing in online media.

While his rival, Hillary Clinton, used and abused traditional communication media, Barack Obama resorted to cheaper resources and great potential to reach , through content published on his blog and Facebook, the candidate became recognized and won the then favorite in the primaries, Hillary Clinton.

Realizing this potential communication, SinalizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting , specializes in Content Marketing , after all, everything that is produced must have a real relevance and, to ensure this, we have a team of professionals in the field.

But, Inbound Marketing goes beyond that, can be translated as Attraction Marketing , it is based on the customer seeking the company and not otherwise.

How many thousands of dollars does a television ad cost? There are many, right? In a newspaper, or radio? We are talking about a content that will not be able to be measured, that is, you will have only an idea of ​​how many people were really affected and a vague proportion of their conversion.

We at SinalizeWeb work with our own platforms for this type of strategy, such as RD Station , one of the most consecrated in the market. Through it, we have full control of the distributed content and actual measurement of the target audience and conversion.

Because it is a more affordable option, it is very suitable for microentrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises . Inbound Marketing can be done targeting leads and / or sales, with a good range of relevant content showing that your company is a benchmark in the market.

In addition to attracting new audiences, with Inbound Marketing it is also possible to improve organic rankings on search sites like Google , for example. This is because one of the strategies of Inbound Marketing is SEO , meaning all content is created based on interesting keywords for your business.

Being among the first search results , guarantees more authority in your company subject and more visits, taking this in view, SinalizeWeb works so that the results come and that your content or product appears on the first page of Google , which is an essential factor for lead generation and conversion.

Finally, our entire process is managed by the RD Station platform, a pyramid of tasks that unifies all its strategy of attracting opportunities, based on Content Marketing of relevance, increase of visits of diverse origins, maximum capture of qualitative leads and conversion of leads into customers with recurrent consumption (Continuous Revenue Generation).

Look, Think, Talk and Take Care - It's the philosophy that SinalizeWeb applies to Inbound Marketing. First we attract the public through social networking, blogging and SEO with content marketing. Then we convert visitors into leads, through forms and landing pages. After that, we approach with the client, through targeted email marketing, integrated CRM and lead scoring. Finally, we enchant the customer, prioritizing loyalty and engagement.

Look for us for a consulting! SinalizeWeb can help you reach your goals, pay us a visit or contact us right away!